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1-hr Project: Device Pouch

Most of us have some kind of smart device or e-reader that we want to carry around with us at all times. While there are plenty of carrying cases and covers available on the market, I think most of us DIYers scoff at the idea of paying money for something we could easily make ourselves! But–let’s face it–we don’t all have the ability to block out the amount of time it might take to make a fantastic carrying case with all the bells and whistles. So here’s a solution… a simple pouch that you can make in an hour or less that will protect your device as it floats around in your purse or tote.


  • Fabric–Medium weight fabric like linen, denim, or light canvas works best.
  • Felt–Wool felt works best. You can find a selection of colors in our online shop here.
  • Scissors or rotary blade
  • Sewing machine
  • Ruler
  • Iron
Instructions: (NOTE: Illustrations reflect measurements used for a cover I made for a kindle, your measurements will differ depending on your device!)

  1. Measure your device.
  2. Measure and cut a piece of fabric the height of your device plus 1.5″ and the width of your device multiplied 3 times (give or take inches depending on how long you want your flap to be).
  3. Measure and cut a piece of felt to be the exact size of your fabric piece.
  4. Match wrong sides and stitch pieces together using a 1/8″ seam allowance. Leave one edge open for turning.
  5. Trim down corners. Turn piece and press making sure to press down the seam allowance for your opening so that you may top-stitch it closed. 
  6. Top-stitch your opening 1/8″ from edge to close. 
  7. Mark how large you want the pocket to be for your device and fold the right edge of the fabric in to meet the mark. Tip: Iron your fabric to make a crease in the fold, this will help your fabric lay perfectly flat before stitching.
  8. Top stitch 1/8″ from edge to create pocket.
  9. Cut your threads, turn off your sewing machine, insert device in your new cover and enjoy!
  • Add batting, book board, or mylar between your fabric and felt to add structure and protection to your device cover. 
  • Add a snap, button, or closure to your flap to keep it secure. Just be sure to never use magnetic snaps as they can damage your device!
  • Embellish this simple project with embroidery, appliqué, or whatever your imagination can conjure up to create a unique yet practical gift for a friend!
  • Check out the next issue of Stitch, Craft, Create (on news-stands May 8!) for a great how-to on creating a device cover with elastic bands to hold your device in place.
Be sure to grab supplies at our online shop,
Courtney Kyle is the art director of Stitch Craft Create as well as Sew Beautiful magazine. She lives in Alabama with her husband, Jackie, two dogs, and two cats. When Courtney is not working she’s at home stitching, painting, gardening or diving into some other variation of DIY goodness.

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