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Altered Mason Jar Vase with Fabric Flower

Altered Mason Jar with Fabric Flower

A Mason jar is a classic, inexpensive item you can use to spruce up your décor. But whether you display one every day or break a few out for entertaining, don’t be boring. Ramp up the style factor! Give your table a colorful focal point by putting your creative license to work with this simple how-to.

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Altered Mason Jar Vase
By Danielle Burkleo

What you need:
Mason jar
Spray paint
Scrap of lace trims
Small doily
Scrap fabric
Button or bead (for flower center)
Hot glue gun and glue sticks

How to create:
1. Spray paint Mason jar.

2. Once Mason jar is dry, hot glue doily to side of jar.

3. Wrap lace trim around neck of jar and hot glue in place.

4. Make fabric flower (see instructions below).

5. Hot glue flower onto neck of jar. 

6. Fill with fresh flowers and enjoy!

Fabric Flower

Fabric Flower How-To:
1. Cut out seven circles from fabric, approximately 2 inches in diameter. TIP: Stack or fold fabric to cut out several circles at once. 

2. Cut out another smaller circle for flower base. 

3. Fold each of the seven circles in half and then in half again, creating a cone shape. Put a dab of hot glue between folded edges of fabric cones to hold in place (photo 1). 

Photo 1

4. Hot glue all seven cones onto small fabric circle so that pointed ends are arranged at center (photo 2). NOTE: Fabric cones may appear too bulky at first, but you can squeeze them in place to fit. The tight arrangement adds to the flower’s fullness. 

Photo 2

5. Hot glue a button, bead or other embellishment onto flower center.

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