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Around the Office: working on the fall issue!

We’ve been hard at work on the Fall issue of Stitch Craft Create and our offices reflect that right now. There are fall/halloween props laying around from recently wrapped photoshoots, contact sheets lining the walls, cover ideas scattered everywhere, and more. Here’s a little peek into our world at the moment… 
Boxed props waiting to be stored away.

Contact sheets of some of the photography we’ve done for this issue covering a wall.

Crafty cover ideas spread out on tables. 

And this is what it looks like on the wall behind my desk right now. We all need to have a place to keep bits of inspiration, so I made an inspiration board using a thrift store picture frame and a found piece of wire garden fencing.
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Courtney Kyle is the art director of Stitch Craft Create magazine. She lives in Alabama with her husband, Jackie, two dogs, and two cats. When Courtney is not working she’s at home stitching, painting, gardening or diving into some other variation of DIY goodness.

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