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Boo! Mixed Media Halloween Frame

Boo! It’s Halloween time again, and we’re breaking out the black and orange craft supplies to honor one of our favorite holidays. Today, we have a fun mixed media picture frame how-to that can be used for pictures of your Halloween costumes and parties, or just to highlight a spooky seasonal word, like we’ve done.

To make your own frame similar to ours, you’ll need the following materials:

  • 4″x6″ picture frame (blank craft frame or thrifted frame)
  • Black craft paint and paint brush
  • Buttons in a variety of sizes
  • Sequins and craft jewels
  • Colored copper wire
  • Green glittered cardstock
  • Black glittered 3D sticker letters
  • Craft glue and hot glue
  • Craft knife
  • Wire cutters and pliers

1. Begin by painting several coats of black paint onto the picture frame and let dry.

2. Begin arranging largest buttons on front surface of frame and glue into place. Then, continue to fill in frame surface with medium and small buttons.

3. Randomly glue sequins and craft jewels onto frame, filling any large spaces between buttons as well as layering on top.

4. Cut varying lengths of green copper wire and use pliers to twist into swirls. Use small dots of hot glue to adhere wire swirls on top of buttoned picture frame.

5. Frame a picture if desired; or, to create a “Boo!” insert like ours, cut a piece of green glittered cardstock to size and adhere black glittered chipboard stickers. Frame and enjoy!

We hope you have fun making your own mixed media frame! Keep in mind that you could make one of these for any holiday or in any color scheme – the sky is the limit. Happy Haunting!

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