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Button Spider with Rickrack Web

Today we have another fun and easy Halloween craft for you to help ring in the spookiest of all holidays! This rickrack spider web is home to a creepy button spider. Make one just like ours with these easy instructions!

Materials needed:

  • 4″ wooden embroidery hoop
  • White craft paint
  • 1/8″ white baby rickrack
  • One 3/8″ black button
  • One 6mm red bead
  • Red colored copper wire
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Hot glue gun

The how-to:

1. Paint both pieces of wooden embroidery hoop with white craft paint and let dry.

2. Build rickrack spiderweb on inside hoop. (NOTE: We used a card of vintage baby rickrack, but new will work just as well. Just stain with tea or coffee if desired for a less bright-white look.)

a. Cut a piece of rickrack long enough to stretch tautly across entire hoop and hot glue in place on outer edges.

b. Repeat with 4 additional pieces of rickrack, crossing at the same center point each time. NOTE: For added visual interest, make the center point of the web slightly off-center.

c. Use tiny dots of hot glue to build two circles of rickrack around center point of web.

3. To make button spider, use a tiny dot of hot glue to attach red bead to edge of button. Cut four lengths of red copper wire for legs, about 3-4 inches long each, and hot glue in place on back of button.

4. Once hot glue is completely dry, slightly bend wire legs apart from one another. Use needle nose pliers to bend each end downward. Hot glue spider in place at center of spiderweb.

5. All done! Hang your creepy web (we used red rickrack) and enjoy your crafty new decoration for All Hallow’s Eve.

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