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Create Personalized Projects with Felt

Bringing little personal touches to your projects is easy with these simple techniques from Happy Stitch by Jodie Haffa Rackley. Incorporate your own handwriting, make silhouettes and place simple monograms on your projects for a custom look that’s all your own.

stitched-handwriting-1Stitched Handwriting 
All you need is paper, white tissue or tracing paper, needle and thread, and the fabric or surface you wish to work on. Write out your handwritten letters or message on plain white paper. Place tissue paper over your message and trace it in pencil. Place the tracing paper onto the fabric or working surface, and pin it in place. With a needle and thread, backstitch through your fabric and tracing paper over your design. When you’re finished, gently pull the tissue paper away from the stitches. This is a great way to stitch very small details or small lettering that uses thinner pieces of thread. Try using your favorite font for a more uniform look. You can also use this technique to preserve children’s drawings and early writing!

Find your favorite profile photo of your subject. Print out or photocopy the photo, making it as large or small as you’d like. I recommend at least 6″–8″ (15.2cm to 20.3cm) for the height of your silhouette. Once you have your profile printed out, trace along the edge of the larger details with a black marker. Cut out the silhouette to use as a template. Pin it to felt or fabric and cut around all the edges using small detail scissors. Glue the silhouette to another piece of fabric or paper for framing, or appliqué stitch it to a project of your choice.


Choose your favorite large or bold font. Size your letters the desired size in your publishing program on your computer. Print the letters onto cardstock and cut around the edges to make your templates. Pin the templates to felt and cut around the edges using detail scissors. I glued my monograms with felt glue onto a square of felt and used a blanket stitch around the edge to create some fun coasters.

For more great felt projects, check out Happy Stitch or some of these other great books. Remember to add your personal touch!

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