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Creating Crafty Cohesion with Custom Color Palettes

When the premiere issue of Stitch Craft Create was in the early planning stages, our creative team knew we wanted to build a different kind of craft magazine – one that would provide an entire experience for the reader by including everything from tasteful, contemporary projects to carefully-planned photo styling and even delicious paper stock. And because the editorial focus would span a multitude of craft genres, we knew that things could get cluttered very quickly and easily.

To keep things cohesive across the entire issue, we developed what would become the first of many “style sheets”: a single-page document with a collection of images that were based on a chosen color palette. Each style sheet is tied to a particular look that we hoped to emulate in the magazine, such as our vibrant, juicy and fun Spring edition, or the glittering, nostalgic look of our vintage-inspired Holiday issues.


Holiday 2011


Summer 2012


Fall 2012


Holiday 2012

We asked magazine contributors to keep the style sheet in mind as they created their projects and articles, and we did the same throughout production while on photo shoots and during layout. It turned out to be an incredibly successful tactic that we have continued to use for every issue of Stitch Craft Create, and our team always has great fun brainstorming up the potential color combinations and the issues we imagine they will represent.

If you’ve got a large creative endeavor ahead of you, such as planning an event or redecorating a room – or even a small project, such as a keepsake scrapbook or fabric collage – why not develop your own “style sheet” to help keep you on track? Professionals and amateurs alike benefit from doing just this in many lines of work, whether in the form of an artist’s physical inspiration board, a sewer’s themed Pinterest board, an event planner’s simple sketchbook or an interior designer’s formal presentation. Developing a custom color palette can help you hone your focus; collect a few paint chips or fabric scraps to get started.

You can now find our first four issues of Stitch Craft Create in a digital collection, so grab yours today to check out firsthand what we were able to create using custom color palettes. I hope they inspire you to apply similar tactics in your own creative adventures!

Happy Crafting,

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