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Custom Cell Phone Cases


Personalize your cell phone case with little work and even less money!

I want to start by saying that I am one lucky gal.  I come in to work every day to a building full of creative people.  Me, creative?  Not so much.  However, I am working on my growing crafty gene with the help of this fantastic team!  When you are around them long enough, their creativity will just start oozing and falling all over you, just like the glitter we love so much.

Two months have passed since I joined the team and I have finally decided that I was brave enough to post about a project I have completed.  
My cell phone case was big and bulky and although it did well at protecting my phone, it wasn’t very stylish.  I wanted something sleek and CHEAP! While perusing Pinterest, I came across a blog with instructions for making a custom cell phone case for much less than the cost of a typical one in retail stores.  Thanks to Alissa at Crafty Endeavor who shows step-by-step, how a clear phone case and a piece of scrapbook paper can transform your cell phone for a completely new look! 

First off, I went to my favorite shopping website and quickly located a clear cell phone case for a mere $5.99, which also includes a front and back screen protector.   
(People who commented under the original blog mention other places where they got theirs for even cheaper.)

I made this for an iPhone 4.  I’m not familiar enough with
 Androids to know whether it will work. 
Next, I grabbed a sheet of my favorite scrapbook paper I had lying around.  I laid the phone case down and traced.  
(This sounds simple enough, however, I am a perfectionist and it took me a few tries!)

To cut out the holes for the camera and flash, I used a coworker’s single hole-punch.  Worked pretty well.  The next time I make one, however, I am going to try a craft utility knife to see if it is easier.

Stick the cutout into the case, making sure the hole lines up…

…and WALLA!  

You have your very own, almost FREE cell phone case!

I cannot wait til the holidays come around!  Can you imagine changing it out for autumn, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day…
The possibilities are endless.  Enjoy!
Jessica Mullins is the Editorial Assistant of Stitch Craft Create and Sew Beautiful magazines. She lives in North Alabama with her loyal sidekicks; husband, Chris, and Boston Terrier, Wilson. During her free time, Jessica can be found trying a new recipe, surfing Pinterest for her next craft project, blogging about random topics, reading anything she can get her hands on, exploring the great outdoors with her two fellas, or dreaming of the next place to get her passport stamped.

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