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Easy Felt Appliqué

Find a design you want to use. It can be anything: a shape, a word, etc. Decide how big you want your design to be and print it out.
1. With a pencil, trace your design onto the smooth side of your of freezer paper. Cut off any excess freezer paper before you iron your design onto your felt–this will make it easier to cut the design out of your felt.
2. Using a hot iron: iron the freezer paper, waxy side down, onto your felt. The freezer paper will adhere to your felt.
3. After you have ironed your freezer paper to your felt, cut out the design and peel the freezer paper off of your felt.
4. Using water-soluble fabric glue, your felt design onto the fabric you wish to embellish, this will make it easy to stitch down your design without it shifting around. Find a stitch that fits the design and the look you want to achieve and stitch down your appliqué (in the example, I used a simple straight stitch).
Get Creative: In this project I used a simple heart shape for an easy demonstration, but you can create anything you want. For the holiday season you could appliqué seasonal words like “noel” or “joy” onto simple cushions, customize your Christmas stockings, or make a hand-made gift for someone special. This is an easy, flexible craft that can be adapted and incorporated onto hand-made gifts and goodies year-round.
*You can find supplies for felt appliqué via our online shop. We have a great selection of wool and bamboo felt, as well as fabric glue and other notions.

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