Listed below are corrections to printed errors in Stitch Craft Create. We apologize for any inconvenience these may have caused you.

Gifts 2013 Issue

• Hexagonal Gift Boxes by Ellen Kharade (page 22): Templates were mistakenly omitted. Click here to download the missing patterns.

• Bath Time Buddies by Lisa Cox (page 120): Templates were mistakenly omitted. Click here to download the missing patterns.

Spring 2013 Issue

• Wedding Planner Composition Book by Angela Bowman (page 48): Step 5 instructs the reader to create folded pocket flaps using 11-inch x 17-inch pieces of cut fabric. Instead, reader should use 11-inch x 15-inch pieces of cut fabric.

Winter 2013 Issue

• Embellished Earwarmer by Kay Whitt (page 96): Pattern templates are wrong size. Click here to download correctly-sized patterns.

Fall 2012 Issue

• Hootie Pie Pillow by Nicki Hill (page 77): The templates for the owl pillow were mistakenly left out of the Templates & Techniques section. Download a pdf of the needed patterns.

• Midnight Owl Mug Rug by Kaye Prince (page 74): Step 3 under “Cross-stitch Notes” says to leave a 1/2-inch border of plain, unstitched Aidia cloth on right side of twig. This measurement should actually be 1/4 inch.