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Felt and Embroidery Needle Book Project

by Jodie Rackley, author of the upcoming book Happy Stitch: 30 Felt & Fabric Projects for Everyday
Hi Friends!
I’m delighted to guest host on Stitch Craft Create with you and share my felt & embroidery Needle Book tutorial! Needle books are a great place to store all your spare needles & pins or to take along with you to your next craft night! This tutorial is super simple and fun, perfect for beginners!

  • 3 colors of felt
  • 2 colors of embroidery floss
  • 1 scrap of fun fabric
  • 2 pieces of plain ribbon
  • 1 piece of fancy ribbon
  • Sewing needle
  • Scissors
  • Pinking shears

Simple stitches used:
  • Straight stitch
  • Appliqué stitch

How to:

  1. Out of your main color of felt, cut two rectangles with your pinking shears approximately 6½” x 3½”. Cut two smaller rectangles out of your other colors of felt to measure 5 ½” x 2½”; cut the short ends with pinking shears. Cut your fabric scrap to measure 2½” x 2″.
  2. Center your small fabric scrap on top of one piece of your main felt and use an appliqué stitch to go all the way around the edge.
  3. On the inside of your other piece of main felt, layer your small felt rectangles on top of each other and stitch down the middle using a straight stitch.
  4. Now place your fancy ribbon on top of the cover, close to your fabric appliqué. Fold over each edge and use a straight stitch to secure your fancy ribbon in place.
  5. Take your plain ribbon and tie a small knot at one end of each piece. Layer your front cover on top of your inside piece with your felt “page” facing down. Line up your pieces so the edges meet, and pin the layers in place.
  6. Begin to straight stitch all the way around the edge. Center one piece of ribbon on the side in between your layers of felt, and stitch it in place as you work around the edge. Repeat  when you come to the other side. Complete your straight stitch and tie a small knot on the interior of your needle case.

7.     Hooray! Now you’ve got a handy case for all your pins & needles!
Happy stitchin’! 
– Jodie 
Jodie Rackley is a crafter and designer from the DC area. She enjoys creating cute crafty goodness from colorful felt and fabrics using embroidery techniques to create whimsical gifts and accessories. Her line of handmade goodies, Lova Revolutionary, can be found in beautiful boutiques around the country and online at Her work has been featured at the CHA show and Quilt Market for Kunin Felt and on notable sites such as and You can stitch along with her from her first craft book with North Light Books titled, Happy Stitch: 30 Felt and Fabric Projects for Everyday coming this summer.

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