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Free Needlefelting Project (and a cool video) from Moxie!

The crafting gods must be smiling upon us today, because Moxie, author of I Felt Awesome, is offering a free needlefelting project and a video of her latest presentation at the Exploratorium, where she talks about her work and process. And if that wasn’t awesome enough (and it’s pretty awesome) I Felt Awesome is on sale for $4.99. At that price, you can’t say “no” to needlefelting. You just can’t.

You can download the free download from her book, Cuffed, here.

Watch the video from her presentation here. You can watch the entire video, or skip to minute 15:07 to watch Moxie.

And don’t forget to check out I Felt Awesome at a superfantastic price! Below are just a few of the projects and felty pals you can make.

Moxie is a needlefelting goddess. She blogs at

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