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Free Kids Sewing Project: Candy’s Hair Bow


Here at Stitch Craft Create, we are all about encouraging creativity at all ages. So today, we are thrilled to be sharing a free kids sewing project from our friend Katrina Marie, creator of Kids Sewing DVDs, that includes a fun and easy hair bow tutorial that you can make with your aspiring seamstress (or just for yourself!) Enjoy the step-by-step below, and for more great kids sewing tutorials, check out!


Step 1) Pattern Template

You will need a piece of poster board, ruler, pen and paper cutting scissors to make a pattern template measuring 5 ½ x 8 inches. It is best to get help from an adult making this so your template is square.


Step 2) Materials Needed

*1 Flat (or Fat) Quarter measuring 18 x 21 inches (makes 3 bows)
*18 to 25 inches (depending on your head size) of ¼ to ½ inch wide elastic
*4 inches of 1 inch wide (grosgrain) ribbon


Step 3) Tracing Pattern

Put right sides of fabric together. Place your pattern template on your fabric and then put a weight on top to hold it in place. Then carefully trace all the way around your pattern template with a pen.


Step 3B) Cutting Fabric

Carefully cut on the line you just made with your fabric cutting scissors. Try to stay right on the line and cut straight. Take your time to do it right, so your hair bow comes out nice and even.


Step 4A) Pinning Around

Keeping the right sides of the fabric together you are now going to pin all the way around the edge. Leave a 3 inch opening on one of the longer sides. You can use two red pins or a little tiny pen mark so you remember not to sew it up.


Step 4B) Sewing Around

Starting at one side of the 3 inch opening you can now sew around the edge pivoting at each corner rather than going off the edge. The needle should be placed about ½ inch from the fabric edge. Remember to lock-it-in with a back stitch at the beginning and the end and also cut your loose hanging threads when your done.


Step 5) Sewing Elastic

Measure around your head with the elastic to find a comfortable size that fits. You can stretch it a bit, but not too much that it’s tight, then add an inch and cut. Now over lap the two edges (making sure they are not twisted) and then sew back and forwards 5 times to make it all one connected piece.


Step 6A) Clipping Corners

This is an optional step that makes the edges of your hair bow nice and pointed. Making sure to be very careful you can cut all four corners off at an angle before turning the fabric right side out. If you need help on this part ask an adult to take a look.


Step 6B) Turning Corners

Now it’s time to turn your fabric inside out. Just stick your thumbs inside and scrunch up the fabric until you get to a corner, then with your fingers push the corner out through the opening. Continue doing this for all 4 corners.


Step 6C) Pointing Corners

This is another optional step to make your corners pointed. You will need a chopstick, point turner or (yikes) a pair of scissors. Then carefully put the pointed edge into the corner and gently push it out so it become square. Make sure not to poke through the fabric.


Step 7A) Pressing Fabric

First make sure the open edge is folded in towards the inside a ½ inch, like the other seams. Then you can either press it flat with an iron or holding it on both short ends rub it back and forth on the edge of your table.


Step 7B) Folding Fabric

Time for the fun part! You are going to fold your fabric like a fan. You can try folding it in half and then folding each edge back once. Or for more pleats fold the edges each twice down and then up again.


Step 7C) Holding Together

Next you need to keep everything in place. You can do this by holding it all before adding the ribbon around the middle (which can be a little tricky). So it can help to sew all the folds in place through the center by sewing machine or by hand sewing, first.


Step 7D) Adding Elastic

Now you will need to flip the bow over to the back side and lay the elastic over it. Place the ends of elastic (that were already sewn) in the center so they will be covered up by the ribbon.


Step 7E) Wrapping Ribbon

Now wrap the 4 inch (grosgrain) ribbon around the center. Folding the end of the ribbon edge on one side under so it’s nice and neat. Then you need a pin through the center to keep it all in place.


Step 8) Hand Sewing

And the last step is hand sewing. Place your needle in at one side with a few extra stitches in place, then continue to the other end. Make sure to tie off the ends by wrapping the thread around the needle twice and pulling tightly.



You just made a Hair Bow and it’s so sweet! I’m sure your friends would love if you made them one too!





P.S. Want to check out this how-to in video form? Visit Katrina Marie’s Kids Sewing website to check it out!

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