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Get Crafty With the Kids This Summer!

Summer vacation is kicking off this month for many kids across the United States. I have many happy memories from my childhood of spending hours upon hours looking for ways to expend the creative energy that was bottled up inside of me! My sister and I were lucky to have access to lots of old books full of fun DIY ideas; tons of crayons, paper, scissors, glue, fabric scraps and cardboard with which to experiment; and a mother who wholeheartedly encouraged our creative endeavors!

Today, my own daughter is getting old enough to participate in craft time, and I love watching her create her own works of art – she is so proud of herself! I look forward to many summer vacations of creating together as a family.

Summer is the perfect time for kicking off a new hobby or indulging in handmade entertainment during a “stay-cation.” Do you have a child who’s excited to start sewing? Here is some great “getting started” advice for them from the new book Sewing for Kids by Ginny Farquhar and Alice Butcher:

• Make sure your hands are clean, and work on a clear, flat surface.

• Pack ongoing projects away in a bag to prevent them from getting lost or dirty.

• It’s OK to make mistakes because that is how you learn. Simply undo the mistake and start again.

This "Exotic Bird of Paradise" is one of the many easy-to-make projects you can find in Sewing for Kids.

This “Exotic Bird of Paradise” is one of the many easy-to-make projects you can find in Sewing for Kids.

• You do not have to make the project in the same colors as shown. It’s fun to get creative and use your own favorite colors.

• Make the projects your own – you may not wish to make an entire project, but may just prefer to just make up one part.

• It’s good to ask for help from an adult or older sibling. You may need help initially with threading needles and tying knots – but once practiced, you can do this unaided.

This colorful "Rainbow Bunting" is another fun project featured in Sewing For Kids.

This colorful “Rainbow Bunting” is another fun project featured in Sewing For Kids.

• Take your time and don’t rush – you don’t have to finish the project in one go. Some projects will be quick, but others may take a number of weeks to complete.

• Your stitches don’t have to be perfect – you will improve with practice.

• Take great care when using scissors, pins and needles, as they are very sharp!

For more fun summer sewing and crafting inspiration, be sure to check out Sewing for Kids or one of our other recommended books in our online store.

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