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How to Install A Zipper with Lisa Lam

If you don’t have your own copy of The Bag Making Bible, you’re definitely going to want to grab one this week while it’s on sale for National Craft Month at the Martha Pullen Store!

This book has 8 bag patterns, but more than that, Lisa Lam teaches you how to customize your bag with pockets, trims, piping, pleats, closures, and the perfect handle or strap. This book truly teaches you, not just how to make a pattern, but how to understand the ins and outs of bag making. Fun, right?

To celebrate National Craft Month, we have a fantastic free download for you to from The Bag Making Bible. In this short tutorial, you will make a zippered pencil pouch. This tutorial steps you through the process of installing a top edge zipper in your pencil pouch—or any kind of bag you may want to make! Much more than just a pencil pouch tutorial, this is truly a lesson to keep next to your sewing machine for frequent reference. Click here to get the download.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did, and we’d love to see the great pouches you make. Please post photos of all your crafty creations in our Flickr Group pool—just click here to join the group!

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    • Once you click the link, you have to register in the box that says “Register for FREE Download.” Then you should be able to access it. If the actual link for the download doesn’t work for you, right click on the link and choose “Save Link As” to get a copy of the PDF. Let me know if you still can’t access, and I can send you a copy.

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