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Kristin Link of Sew, Mama, Sew! + A Fantastic Giveaway!

We are literally smack-dab in the middle of National Craft Month, and I’m thrilled to welcome Kristin Link of Sew, Mama, Sew! to our blog. Read our exclusive interview with her, and then learn more about our fantastic mid-month giveaway!

Q: Thank you for joining us! Have you always been a sewist, or did you start out with a different craft? Tell us a bit about your craft experience.
Kristin: I’ve been sewing since I was a child, but I dabble in lots of things. I love knitting and crochet, paper crafts and glitter too.

Q: Who taught you how to sew? What was your first sewing project?
K: My mom taught me to sew. I’m not sure what my first project was. Probably a pillow though. I do remember making a skirt in middle school home ec that I was quite proud of. I was into New Wave at that point so, much to the chagrin of my teacher, the hem was finished with safety pins—on the outside.

Q: Fabric lines and designs are constantly evolving, but is there a particular designer (or designers) that you go to again and again for your personal projects?
K: I definitely have a huge stash of Jennifer Paganelli fabric. I love her saturated colors and consistently feminine and versatile prints. I’ve used a lot of them in bags and little bits are in almost all of my patchwork projects. I regularly turn to Anna Maria Horner fabrics to make garments.

Q: What’s your favorite type of project to sew?
K: Probably bags. I love how quickly they come together and you can never have too many! I also find them to be the perfect gift for just about anyone. Portland recently implemented a ban on single use plastic grocery sacks, so I’ve made and gifted dozens of cloth grocery bags.

Q: You’ve obviously been able to take something that you’re passionate about and turn it into a successful and well-known business. What advice do you have for sewists or crafters who are looking to do the same??
K: I think it is important to be prepared for all aspects of running your own business. My favorite part of the job, picking out fabric, takes only a couple of days every few months. I have to manage employees, take care of finances, deal with technology, stay on top of social media, manage marketing and more. I enjoy all of that too, but I do know people who have been overwhelmed by the parts of the job they don’t like. A website that is down, for example can be extremely stressful.

With that said, I think it’s really important to find good people who can help you with the parts of the business you don’t enjoy or aren’t skilled at. For example, I used to waste hours trying to make a button for my blog. I found that hiring a graphic designer to do that work for me was more than worth it! When you’re starting out you feel like you have to do everything, but my advice to people is to really weigh their time and passion against the cost of hiring out. Sometimes it is more affordable than you think, or you can find people who are willing to trade.

Q: What is the sewing technique or skill that intimidates you?
K: I’ve never done free-motion quilting! I think I will someday, but I have a lot of extremely talented quilting friends and even though they offer encouragement, I am definitely intimidated.
Q: What sewing tool or product can you not live without? ??
K: I would say seam ripper, but I’m not that picky. I really love a good pair of scissors. I have a lot!

Q: Spring is just around the corner! Have you been noticing any Spring trends in sewing?

  • Granny square quilts are amazingly popular.
  • I’ve noticed lots of brights on white. (Dare I say white is the new grey?)
  • We’re selling lots of dress and skirt patterns.
  • Pinterest has been full of Easter crafts ever since Valentines Day ended.
  • Paper piecing is hot. (We’re devoting a lot of time to this on the blog the week of March 19.)?

Q: What project or projects are you working on right now???
K: I’m finishing up some pillows for my 9-year-old daughter. She has a new loft bed, so we put a shaggy rug underneath and hung some curtains on the sides. The six large pillows will complete the girly den.

Q: What other blogs do you love and follow? ??
K: There are so many that I check in with regularly, I’ll just list ten that I’ve been following for a long time:

Many, many thanks to Kristin for joining us today! Please make sure to stop by her blog, Sew, Mama, Sew! for fabulous fabric, patterns and inspiration.

And now, for an exciting announcement…

Starting today, we’re launching several giveaways of craft tools and prizes that will take your crafty endeavors to the next level. From March 15 at 12:01 A.M. EST to March 22 at 12:01 A.M. EST, you can enter up to five times to win a Baby Lock Anna Sewing Machine, with a retail value of $399!! This contest is open to entrants in the United States and Canada.

It’s really easy to enter. Just follow these instructions:

  1. Locate the Giveaway widgit on the right column of the blog, labeled “Baby Lock Anna Sewing Machine.”
  2. Log in by providing your name and email address on the widgit, or log in with Facebook.
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Thanks to Baby Lock for the beautiful machine!

Good luck to everyone, and keep your eyes peeled for more exciting giveaways as we start the second half of National Craft Month!

Terms and Conditions
In this giveaway, one (1) entrant will win a Baby Lock Anna Sewing Machine, valued at $399.00 USD. The entrant must live in the United States or Canada to qualify. Each entrant must
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51 thoughts on “Kristin Link of Sew, Mama, Sew! + A Fantastic Giveaway!

  1. I love all sorts of crafts that involve fiber. I would love to see more books that relate to felting and also crochet – and I’m really excited about the interlocking crochet!

    I’m also learning to create clothing that would qualify for couture. It all started with sewing a formal dress for my daughter.

  2. Love to see book on “all things pet” to include bird cage covers, quilts just for our pets…love to see a book on sewing for those living in nursing homes to include bed jackets, quilts, lovely things to perk up the lives of those not living in their homes.

  3. I would like to see a compilation of heirloom embellishments/techniques for baby/christening gown sewing as an idea book, instead of having to look through all my old Sew Beautifuls to get ideas(though I do love doing that too!). Great for showing new moms I’m sewing the gowns for.

  4. Oh, I just LOVE Martha Pullen! I would love to see an up-to-date book for beginners interested in heirloom sewing techniques. I think Martha’s creations are gorgeous, but they’re a bit intimidating for a beginner/intermediate sewer who’s never braved the heirloom sewing world.

  5. I’d like to see more sewing books that include lots and lots of easy-to-moderate projects for the home.

    And I like the idea of more modern cross stitch books too.

    Do these books exist though?!

  6. I would like to see a book for beginner quilters that has fabulous designs that are easy but have great step-by-step instructions. I’m new to quilting and some books just aren’t for us newbies as they expect you to know the basics already! 🙂

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