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Meet Christine Lucas and Get a Free Crochet Pattern Download

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 Hi Everybody,
My name is Christine Lucas and I’m the author of Huggable Crochet. I was so excited when Stitch Craft Create magazine approached me wanting to showcase my book and participate in their blog.  At first I thought I might highlight a particular stitch I used in my book, but part of why I am so proud of Huggable Crochet is that it is made with the simplest of stitches and techniques, so anybody can give my projects a try.
So instead, I thought I’d share the story of how I got into crafting in the first place.  When I was little my favorite place to go in the whole world was the local Ben Franklin craft store.  I just loved to look at all of the yarns, paints, clays and supplies and could get lost in there for hours on end dreaming of all the cool projects I could make.  One day when I was about eight years old and on one of my trips to the craft store, I found a “Crochet a Stuffed Animal” kit and had to have it!  It had the hooks, yarn and pattern needed to make the cutest bird I had ever seen.  So, my mom bought me the kit and started teaching me how to crochet as soon as we got home.  After a few days and a ton of mistakes, I had finally gotten the hang of it.  A month later, I had completed my very first crochet project.  After that I became kind of obsessed with crocheting.
Oddly enough, that was the last stuffed animal I would make for nearly 20 years. I really enjoyed designing my own blankets, scarves and throw pillows at first and then moved into more complicated projects like purses, hats and fashion accessories.  It wasn’t until my cousin was having a baby shower that I decided to make my first stuffed animal since that first one so many years ago.  He was a teddy bear of my own design and was quite cute. The only problem was that it was twice the size of my baby cousin…Oops!
It was okay though.  My cousin loved it and even now that he’s a little older, still loves to play with that bear.  It also sparked a new passion for me: trying to make my lovable critters as realistic as possible.  I found it incredibly enjoyable and at the same time it gave me a challenge that kept me interested for hours on end.  The next animal I tried to make was a lion.  An elephant and a giraffe were soon to follow.

I then started to think, I would love to make a collection of these animals and put them into a book.  I contacted the people at F+W Media and they got back to me right away. They loved it! I was so excited!  The problem was that I wasn’t ready for them.  I had a lot of work to do to get Huggable Crochet to the way it is today.  So I went back to my office and got back to work.  When I approached F+W again, I was ready and so were they.  The great people there worked with me to bring my critters to life and into your home.  I hope you enjoy the Spyro the Panda pattern that is available for free download–register by clicking here. 
Thanks and Happy Crocheting!
Christine Lucas   
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Christine Lucas is a graduate of the Art Institute of Philadelphia with a degree in Industrial Design and Special Effects.  She has held many different positions over the years but considers crochet her passion.  Christine has been crocheting and writing her own patterns for everything from blankets to stuffed animals for over twenty years and continues to challenge herself in each new project that she takes on.  She lives in Northern New Jersey with her husband and her mischievous puppy Roscoe (who loves to chew on her yarn).

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