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Modern Designs for Classic Quilts Blog Tour

Hello, friends! Today I’m thrilled to be representing a stop on the Modern Designs for Classic Quilts blog tour, authored by the lovely Andrea Johnson (Andie Johnson Sews) and Kelly Biscopink (Stitchy Quilt Stuff). I’m proud to say that it was published by the same folks as Stitch Craft Create, and the honor is all ours. I could lie and say that my support for Kelly & Andie’s new book is for that reason alone, but it just wouldn’t be true. Not only am I happy to call them both SCC contributors and friends, but above all else, it really and truly is a fantastic book that I am excited to tell you all about!

I worked with Kelly, formerly a crafts editor at F+W Media, long distance for the better part of a year, herself being a resident of Cincinnati at the time while I live down in Alabama. We chatted on the phone and online, and I was thrilled to have her contribute a quilted pillow to our Fall 2012 issue of SCC. She also introduced me to Andie via email, with whom I was thrilled to strike up another contributor relationship (see her first SCC article in our Spring 2013 edition!) But it wasn’t until October when I had the chance to finally meet these amazing ladies in person at Quilt Market. We immediately hit it off, and our conversations were bubbling over with brainstorming ideas for how we could work together on articles for future issues of Stitch Craft Create – and not just quilting, either. So stay tuned, y’all – you won’t want to miss what we’ve got cooking.

But onto the real reason we’re here: to talk about Andie & Kelly’s new book, Modern Designs for Classic Quilts. I knew I would like it based on the cover and a quick flip-through, but it wasn’t until I sat down this week to really chomp into the contents that I got super excited. I am now convinced that I must have a copy not only for myself (fits my contemporary style) but also my mother (a more traditional quilter). It’s just got that kind of appeal; quality quilting and solid tips with a twist of modern flair and updated style.

If you’ve seen SCC, you know that we take our layout and photostyling pretty seriously. We want your reading it to become a complete sensory experience for the contemporary crafter, with not only cool projects and eye candy, but great photos, delicious paper and tasty graphic design. If that speaks to you, then you’ll love what you see inside MDCQ. It’s clean, bright and colorful with plenty of fun little details to boot. And the fabrics – oh, the fabrics. But let’s get to the really important part – the meat of the book. With instructions, diagrams and stepout photos that are clear and concise, Kelly & Andie have equipped the reader with everything they’ll need before, during and after the quilting process. And since I’m a sucker for “bonus” material, I have to say that one of my favorite points is the little extra tips and info from Kelly and Andie that you’ll find sprinkled throughout the book.

I also love that not all the projects in the book are full-size quilts. I’m so busy these days, I’m not sure I could stomach taking on a huge sewing project without getting overwhelmed; but I would certainly enjoy spending my free time on something bite-size! There are coordinating “mini-projects” scattered throughout the book that apply the techniques of the main quilts to smaller how-to’s, so even if completing a whole quilt makes you nervous, you can still join in the fun in your own way.

Modern Designs for Classic Quilts is such a treat. I highly encourage you to grab a copy and see for yourself what all the fuss is about; I myself have borrowed our review copy for the weekend to work on a little bib project I saw for my son, and maybe a new hexie pillow for the couch. I’ve got just the inspiration I need to get started!

Don’t miss out on the rest of the MDCQ blog tour for additional reviews, sneak peaks, Q&A’s, giveaways and more – the list is below. We’ll also be covering the book in our upcoming Spring issue with an exclusive Q&A with Kelly and Andie; and as I mentioned above, be on the lookout in SCC for more from this dynamic duo next year!

Modern Designs for Classic Quilts Blog Tour Schedule:

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11/8 :: Faith @ Fresh Lemons
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11/11 :: Shannon @ Stitch Craft Create
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11/13 :: Kaysie @ KZJo’s Studio
11/14 :: Jessica @ A Little Gray
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11/16 :: Deborah @ Whipstitch
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11/18 :: Jenny @ Sew Kind of Wonderful
11/19 :: Carla @ LollyQuiltz
11/20 :: Thomas @ Thomas Knauer Sews
11/21 :: Brenda @ Pink Castle Fabrics
11/22 :: Lindsay @ CraftBuds and Liz Rea @ Inspire Me Grey
11/23 :: Sarah @ The Last Piece
11/24 :: Cara @ Cara Quilts
11/25 :: Andie @ AndieJohnsonSews and Kelly @ Stitchy Quilt Stuff

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Shannon Miller is the editor of Stitch Craft Create magazine. She admits to having a problem with coffee, an exploding stash of fat quarters, a strong dislike for cleaning, an addiction to reading blogs and an overwhelming affection for naps. Shannon lives in Huntsville, Alabama with her husband Nathan and their two young children, Georgia Mae and Ryland Jackson.

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  1. I can’t wait to read this book the projects within look awesome and created by two wildly talented quilters. I would like to make the dresdin plate and the log cabin! Thanks for the giveaway I will scream if I win I want one so bad.

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