Mother-of-Pearl Button Necklace


  • Silver chain
  • Silver lobster clasp
  • 9 clear 4mm Swarovski bicone crystal beads
  • Large silver jump rings
  • Small silver jump rings
  • Silver headpins
  • 9 assorted medium (1/2-inch) mother-of-pearl buttons
  • 5 assorted small (1/4-inch) mother-of-pearl buttons
  • 3 mini (3/16-inch) mother-of-pearl buttons
  • Jewelry tools (wire cutter, needle-nose and round-nose pliers)


  1. Cut silver chain to a length of 18 inches. Attach a silver lobster clasp to end, adding a large jump ring for closure if necessary.
  2. Side a crystal bead onto each of 9 silver headpins, trim excess to 1/4-inch and loop end using round-nose pliers.
  3. Create the following arrangements using buttons, crystal headpins and jump rings:
  4. Starting at center of chain, attach each dangle to chain with a small jump ring in the following order, evenly spacing them apart.

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