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No-sew Curtains

I have a confession to make: I do not sew. Not yet, anyways. This caused a problem when I could not find the “perfect” window panels for my new craft room. I wanted funky and cool…something specific.  Enter a fabulous artsy friend who suggested I try heat bonding seam tape. Yeah, she’s pretty much a genius. This stuff is now my favorite product!

Using a post from one of my favorite blogs, Young House Love, and after both surfing the web and hunting through yards of fabric at stores all over, I finally found THE fabric that spoke to me!
The first step was to determine how much fabric I would need. *Hint* I have read, and seen it to be true, that if you hang your panels high above the windows, it gives your room a feeling of being taller. So I measured then laid the fabric on the floor to cut.
Then came the ironing part. At the same local craft store, I bought a type of heat-n-bond tape.

When I began, I found that what worked best was to lay the fabric out along the length of my ironing board. As I went along the edge, folding down 1? of fabric, I ironed the crease. This saved me time later when I laid the tape under the seam, knowing it would stay in place while I applied heat.

As the packaging instructed, after I folded and ironed the crease, I then laid the tape in between the fabric. On top, I laid a wet hand towel. I pressed my iron on top for about 10 seconds.
Continue this around all the edges.

I made two window panels and a panel to cover the closet where I had removed the door. This is no quick feat. To do it correctly, it will take a couple hours. But it is definitely worth it!

I purchased some ring clips from Ikea (below) and Walmart to complete this easy task. (They are available at any major retailer…where the shades & curtain rods are.)

Clip to fabric and hang!

As this fabric was the “inspiration” piece from which I decorated my entire craft room, I’m so happy that I was able to find some funky fabric that I love to ensure I keep my own attitude in my inspiration room!

Jessica Mullins is the Editorial Assistant of Stitch Craft Create and Sew Beautiful magazines.  She lives in North Alabama with her loyal sidekicks; husband, Chris, and Boston Terrier, Wilson.  During her free time, Jessica can be found trying a new recipe, surfing Pinterest for her next craft project, blogging about random topics, reading anything she can get her hands on, exploring the great outdoors with her two fellas, or dreaming of the next place to get her passport stamped.  

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  1. Great blog! What a clever way to make sew-free curtains. Fusible web can be used for so many things-I always have some on hand. I love the step by step instructions, and what a cute craft room you created 🙂

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