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No-Sew Embellishing with Fabric Spray Paint


The finished apron!

While I love sewn details such as embroidery, patchwork and appliqué, sometimes it’s fun to loosen up and try some no-sew embellishment. Did you know that there is such a thing as fabric spray paint? I have been itching to experiment with it, and now that I have, I’m hooked.

For this project, I used inexpensive cotton doilies as stencils to add pattern and texture to an apron design. I used the Betsey pattern from Sis Boom (which, by the way, is a simple, feminine mod apron that I’ll definitely be making again). To create a soft, sweet look, I used white spray paint over taupe fabric. I also embellished the center front of the waistband by inserting a taupe panel and lace, echoing the lacy doily designs. Consider adding lace edging to the bottom hem to carry the theme even further!

How-To: Embellish a Doily Design with Fabric Spray Paint

What you need:

  • Fabric spray paint (I used white Tulip brand)
  • Item to embellish, such as fabric pattern pieces
  • Assorted inexpensive cotton doilies
  • Heavy starch
  • Iron
  • Wet rag

How to create:

1. Cut out all of your pattern pieces for the item you’d like to make; then, before sewing the pieces together, determine where and how you’d like to apply the embellishment. I decided to apply the doily design across the right side of my apron front. Use heavy starch and an iron to slightly stiffen each doily and prevent them from shifting.

2. Press pattern piece to be embellished to remove all wrinkles and lay flat on top of a protected work surface. Arrange doilies as desired (photo 1).


Photo 1

3. Spray paint over doilies completely to create an inverse halo design on your fabric (photo 2). TIP: Occasionally wipe away excess paint from nozzle using a wet rag to minimize clogging.


Photo 2

4. Carefully remove each doily while paint is still wet (photo 3). Immediately wash doilies to remove paint if desired, or set aside and allow to dry for future spray paint projects.


Photo 3

5. Allow painted pattern piece to dry completely, preferably overnight; then, complete project following pattern instructions.

Wasn’t that fun? Just imagine all the ways you could use fabric spray paint, from outdoor pillows to garments, bags and more. Use chipboard letters as stencils to spell out words, or cut your own stencils from freezer paper – the sky is the limit!

Happy Crafting,
Shannon Miller
Editor, Stitch Craft Create


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