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Personalize a Baby Gift with Easy Appliqué

Our Spring 2013 issue of Stitch Craft Create is all about life’s big celebrations: graduations, birthdays, weddings and, of course, baby showers! This week, I’d like to share another baby shower gift idea that first appeared in the September/October 2011 edition of our sister magazine, Sew Beautiful. These adorable appliquéd onesies were created by Leighann Lott, the design manager here at Martha Pullen Company.

Leighann used a die cutting machine to cut out some of the designs, while others were cut by hand. Georgia’s elephant is hand-cut, and Julia’s flowers are made by cutting flowers from a floral print fabric and hand cutting a letter. The butterfly is made with adorned motifs cut from fabric prints and stitched to a hand-cut butterfly shape. To complete the gifts, Leighann appliquéd the designs onto ready-to-embellish knits.

Georgia’s Elephant – This cute-as-a-button knit sleeper features an elephant appliqué design made of bamboo felt with a fabric print ear. The flower appliqué design is layered with a yellow cotton print on bottom, a red felt circle in the center and a flower on top cut from a cotton print.

Georgia's Elephant

Georgia’s Elephant

Ethan’s Letters – Fabric prints were die cut into letters and fused to the front of a knit romper to create this fun little number. Each letter is outlined with a buttonhole stitch in orange cotton floss.

Ethan's Letters

Ethan’s Letters

Julia’s Flowers – This trio of items for baby includes a knit onesie adorned with a bright butterfly appliqué design; a cotton knit bib appliquéd with a yellow gingham flower and a floral print, hand-cut letter; and a knit sleeper complete with a flower appliqué design. The flower was cut from a cotton print – the center is yellow gingham and the leaves are solid green cotton.


Julia’s Flowers

General Instructions:
NOTE: We suggest pre-washing the rompers before applying appliqué.

1. Iron fusible interfacing (such as Steam-A-Seam 2) to wrong side of chosen fabric.

2. Follow instruction manual with die cutting machine to cut out letters or design shapes while paper is still attached to fusible interfacing. For hand-cut designs, trace shapes on paper side of prepared fabric (flip design before tracing if direction is an issue); cut out.

3. Remove paper backing and fuse letters or designs to garment. Treat fabric accents the same way and fuse on top of appliqués, layering them where required.

4. Outline and decorate appliqués with cotton embroidery floss and a needle with a sharp point (a dull or blunt tip needle will not penetrate the fusible interfacing as easily as a sharp tip). Use various stitches, such as blanket stitch, running stitch or backstitch. Fill in flowers with French knots or granitos, and stitch on beads and buttons for added details. Work stems with a stem stitch and incorporate lazy daisy leaves and straight stitches for grass or sunbeams. This is the fun part! Be creative. Don’t plan the design; just start stitching and watch it take shape.

That’s all there is to it! For more fabulous appliqué design inspiration – including books, DVDs, tools and more – visit the Martha Pullen Online Store.

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