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Red Riding Hood Cape Pattern

We here at Stitch Craft Create love Halloween.  In fact, we have a big employee party the day before Halloween complete with costumes, decorations, tricks & treats!  Also, I am known for my yearly Halloween Party.  Each year, I host a large gathering where all guests are expected to dress up–and dress up they do!  Making a costume becomes a challenge & every year I’m astounded at the talent and creativity of the costumes!

With this in mind, I went about looking for costume ideas.  I came across this magnificent site called Fleece Fun.  She had me at her tagline: “Velvet is pretentious.  Fleece is fun.”

I contacted Angel, the woman behind the fleece and asked her to introduce herself:

I am a stay at home mother of two beautiful girls (and one on the way!). I’m married to one of the most understanding men on the planet, who has given me the most amazing gift: a room of my own to create in. While I love all things creative, (scrapbooking, photography, interior design) sewing is my creative comfort food. Being a slow sewer, I prefer to sew items for family and friends and share my patterns for others to enjoy. I currently divide my time between my small production company, Angel Dawn Productions, my online sewing and crafting blog,, my two little girls, husband, and on very good days, I also manage to get the dishes done.

Since I’m such a huge fan of fleece, I asked her to explain her love affair with fleece!

The reason I started a Fleece sewing blog is because during my second pregnancy my craving was cloth!  After I had my baby I realized I had over twenty yards of fleece and I had better do something constructive with it!  The other reason I like fleece is that it’s a good fabric for a beginning sewist.  It’s easy to cut out, it doesn’t slide under the needle.  It’s a great fabric to encourage people to sew!  

The first garment that caught my eye and made me fall in love was Angel’s Red Riding Hood Cape Pattern!  My mind immediately began racing, imaging it in different colors, with different accessories…endless opportunities!  Understandably, this Red Riding Hood cape pattern is one of Fleece Fun’s most popular.  The circular half cap is perfect for going to grandmother’s house in–it’s warmth will keep the chill from from nipping, but not necessarily wolves.  This half cap can be made at different lengths (and materials) to get the look you want.

With very few materials, you are set and ready to make this beautiful warm  cape!  Follow this link to get the details.  

It won’t take you long to lose yourself in the many patterns and beautiful pictures on Fleece Fun’s site. For example, would you like to be Robin Hood?  Or perhaps you just need to have a medieval shawl!  Fleece Fun has you covered with their Long Cape Pattern.  This is an easy cape to make.  These are no sew and easy options to make this cape.  This cape also can be wrapped and worn in different ways to achieve different looks.  Wrap a belt around it to form sleeves, wear it loose and flowing, or tie the front behind your back for a unique look!  You can make it without the hood, without sewing anything!  Adding the hood is just a quick and easy sew.  What says Halloween more than a garment that is fun and changeable?

And don’t worry, we haven’t left the children out!  Fleece Fun also has a Halloween Hat Pack, complete with free animal patterns.  Top off your child’s costume with one of these: dinosaur/dragon hat, Viking hat, bear ears, cat ears, pumpkin or an apple!  Comes in sizes from baby to adult so all ages can enjoy!

For these patterns and much much more, go visit Fleece Fun‘s site and enjoy choosing what you are going to make to compliment your next Halloween costume!  

Happy Haunting! 
For the pattern for this Mini Top Hat and other amazing headgear, go to:

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