Repurpose Challenge: Cookie Sheets

Our team loves to sit around and brainstorm ideas for using standard items – anything from jars to mint tins – in fun new ways. So for our Holiday 2012 issue of SCC, we challenged ourselves to come up with four different seasonal ideas for upcycling a plain cookie sheet. Repurpose an old one from your cupboard or pick one up from the dollar store – they’re naturally magnetic and lightweight. The possibilities are endless, and we’re in love with the results.

What would you do? Send us your ideas at!

Before starting any of these projects, be sure to clean your cookie sheet of any dust or residue with soap and water and let dry.

Leighann’s Chalkboard Wish List

  1. Prime cookie sheet using spray primer and then glossy red.
  2. Paint several light coats of chalkboard paint on bottom of sheet.
  3. Use adhesive-backed lace tape to line inside edge of cookie sheet.
  4. Write a message onto board using green or white chalk, or write permanently with a green paint pen.
  5. Paint mini clothespins bright green. Adhere magnet tape to back of clothespins and glue strong round buttons to backs of buttons, and use them to display a wish list, photos and other items.

Shannon’s Recipe & Photo Display

  1. Spray paint a 9-inch x 13-inch cookie sheet using light blue paint and let dry.
  2. Cut a piece of red scrapbook paper to 5 inches x 7 inches and adhere to lower half of cookie sheet with Mod Podge. Cover edges with lengths of adhesive lace tape or other decorative edging, mitering at corners.
  3. Cut off one side of a 6-inch paper doily and Mod Podge in place, aligning straight edge with edge of cookie sheet and layering atop existing red paper rectangle.
  4. Tightly wrap a length of red Divine Twine several times around top of cookie sheet and tie off in a bow. Trim ends. Decorate a large manila tag as desired and clip onto twine with mini red clothespins.
  5. Paint a small red clothespin, let dry and adhere a magnet strip to its back. Tie a short length of aqua Divine Twine around one peg in a bow and trim ends.
  6. Glue a magnet to back of a large red button and let dry.
  7. Tie a few strands of aqua Divine Twine through the hole of a medium-sized magnetic bulldog clip.
  8. Use magnetic clothespin, button and bulldog clip to display family recipes, photos or other items as desired.

Courtney’s “Merry Christmas” Hanging

  1. Create a few paper rosette ornaments by folding strips of cardstock accordion-style using a bone folder to crease each fold. Form accordion strips into circles ?so that ends meet; glue ends together. NOTE: You can also create half-circle rosettes by gluing ends of cardstock to inner edge of cookie sheet.
  2. Arrange paper rosettes, mini ornaments and embellishments as desired, keeping in mind how you might like to layer each item. Glue pieces into place, adding dimension by adhering extra embellishments on top of one another. For instance, rosettes on sample were topped with punched shapes of cardstock and premade fabric flowers.

Shannon’s Advent Calendar

NOTE: For this project you will need (24) 1.5-inch clear plastic screw-top jewelry bead storage containers. These are often available for purchase in sets.

  1. Spray paint a 10-inch x 15-inch cookie sheet using light pink paint and let dry.
  2. Use a die cutter or paper punch to cut (24) 1-inch circles from silver glittered cardstock. Use clear-drying glue to adhere each circle face-down to the back of a plastic screw-top container so that the glitter front is visible when viewed from the top of the container. Let dry completely.
  3. Glue a round 1/2-inch magnet to the back of each container, on top of cardstock circle. Let dry completely.
  4. Apply sticker numbers to center front of top of each plastic container. TIP: You’ll need lots of “1” and “2” stickers, so purchase a couple sticker alphabets from the office supply store, which will come with lots more numbers than the standard (pricey) packs from the scrapbook section.
  5. Use provided template to cut a banner from light blue glittered cardstock. Adhere sticker letters across banner to spell out “Merry Christmas.” Bend and glue lengths of silver pipe cleaners to edges of banner and apply adhesive scrapbook embellishments to decorate (sample shown used Parcel Dimensional Stickers – Spring Rosettes by Jolee’s Boutique).
  6. To attach cardstock banner with a 3D appearance, glue three mini wooden spools to back of cardstock banner, evenly spacing spools with one near each end and one at center. Then, glue spools to top of cookie sheet so that banner is raised.
  7. Fill each plastic container with sweets or tiny treasures and stick to magnetic cookie sheet in numerical order (sample shown used Decorator Sixlets candy in Pearlized White from the wedding favor section of the craft store).

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