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Show & Tell Tuesday

Here’s what we’ve been up to!

These are the wedding invitations to one of our co-worker’s (Bethany’s ) wedding. Bethany is an editor by day and a crafty graphic designer by night. She hand-carved one large stamp with the wedding details (the silhouettes, names, date, etc) and stamped it on linen tea towels. The mind boggles… 

Kelli was stumped as to what to get her mother for her birthday this year. REALLY stumped. But it wasn’t on her mind at all when she was flipping through Tilda’s Studio. When she saw the Bulletin Board project she thought, “Well, that looks easy enough!”  Even though Kelli had never worked with fabric before, it came together in less than an hour. Cute, huh?

So, how about you? What have you been crafting?

Happy stitching,

Kelly is proud to be an editor for F+W Craft. She’s also a quilter, blogger, sister, daughter, best friend, sewist, fabric hoarder, travel enthusiast, unpaid theatre critic, tap dancer, piano player and cupcake baker from Cincinnati, Ohio. Kelly loves all things quilted and stitchy, and enjoys sharing her creative process here and at Stitchy Quilt Stuff.

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