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Show & Tell Tuesday

Hello again on another “Show & Tell” Tuesday! Here’s what a few of our staff  members were up to last week:

From Shannon: I have a little dress for show & tell this week. I just finished it for my daughter – it’s the Oliver + S “Ice Cream Dress” and I used fabrics from the “Preeti” line by Jessica Swift for Blend Fabrics.

From Courtney: I had two side-tables in my den that needed a redo. Before, the tables were dark. The wood of the tables was just stained a moderately dark shade, but I wanted them to be brighter, happier, and to stand out a little more from my mocha-brown walls. So, I painted them a pretty shade of blue!

Also from Courtney: I had two matching lamps that were once in my den, they were given to me. After doing some work in my den a couple of weeks ago–rearranging furniture and what-not–I replaced these two lamps with other lamps that I had. But, I still wanted to find a place for these lamps so they didn’t just go to waste. I didn’t like how dark they were, so I painted them and gave them new shades! Now, I have a “new” lamp on my bedside table, as well as on a small table in my kitchen.

From Kelly (me): These are the blocks I made for my online Flickr block swap. I make a 12.5” square block in any pattern I want for each of the swappers, but I make it in the colors requested by that particular person. Over the course of a month, I make them, send them out, and receive a block from each of them in return. 

So, what have you been up to?

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