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Silhouette Bird Wall Art

Silhouette Bird Wall Art

I enjoy simplicity.  I believe that most times, less is more.  Here is a simple but artistic project you can do to fill your walls with a bit of nature.  In my case, it will be the beginning of my office decor!  Thanks be to Blue Cricket Design and the pictures in Hobby Lobby where I found inspiration for this.  

Materials needed:
Two canvases (can be large or small! I used 24″ x 18″)
Permanent marker (I used both a fine point & a chisel tip Sharpie)
Printed birds to trace (I went to my local library where they have old magazines for dirt cheap. I bought a handful of old National Geographics. The quality of paper made them easy to trace!)
Vintage or scrapbook pages to create the canvas background
Glue or mod podge

Also at my local library, I found an old dictionary for $1.00.  As much as it pained me to destroy a book, I ripped out and used pages from it for my back ground.  This created a great texture and interest for the background.  (Any scrapbook or vintage paper could do the same.) 

Cover pages then the entire thing with mod podge.

  When your canvases are completely dry, lay them next to each other.  Using your pencil, freehand some tree branches.  Be sure to make it look as though it crosses from one piece to the other.
Go over your branches with the fine tip permanent marker. 

I would recommend using a chisel tip marker for this part.  The fine tip just wasn’t cutting it.  It would have taken double the time plus the thick strokes looked cleaner.

Next, take the cut outs of birds and place them where you want them on the branches.

Now add some embellishments, like leaves!

I went over the whole thing one more time to make it look darker and more even. 

Hang it and relish your work!

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Jessica Mullins is the Editorial Assistant of Stitch Craft Create and Sew Beautiful magazines.  She lives in North Alabama with her loyal sidekicks; husband, Chris, and Boston Terrier, Wilson.  During her free time, Jessica can be found trying a new recipe, surfing Pinterest for her next craft project, blogging about random topics, reading anything she can get her hands on, exploring the great outdoors with her two fellas, or dreaming of the next place to get her passport stamped. 

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