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Singer One Sewing Machine Idea Board Challenge: Shannon’s Idea Board

Don’t you just love a good inspiration board? I know I do. There’s nothing we creative types love more than some good eye candy to get the “let’s make something” juices flowing. Hopefully, by now you’ve heard about our  SINGER One™ sewing machine giveaway. I am so excited about this contest because it’s all about dreaming up idea boards for simple fall sewing, and then sharing your ideas with the SCC community. You can enter by making an actual idea board OR making a Pinterest bard, both of which are fun, quick and easy. Who knows what great project ideas you might uncover from others?
I decided to whip up a project idea I might make for fall simply to serve as inspiration and an example for our readers to enter their own ideas — of course, I’m not eligible to win (I wish!) But now that I’ve dug around in some of our gorgeous fabrics and trims, I am thinking I actually NEED to make this skirt now. It would be great to wear to work or at Thanksgiving this autumn with a cream blouse and nude heels. See what a a good idea board can do to get the wheels turning?!
So, here is what I came up with: a simple fall skirt using Colette’s “Ginger” (their beginner-level patterns really are simple to follow) in a couple of Anna Griffin “Honoku” fabrics (I picked Japanese Blossom and Koi – the floral for the skirt, and perhaps a contrast gold waistband). The pattern calls for an invisible zipper, but I love the idea of possibly using a decorative-edged version; and the thought of having a little lace poke out from the hem is to die for (I recently saw this skirt in Sew Beautiful that has a similar treatment). 

If you haven’t yet, run over to our SINGER One™ giveaway post and create your own board for a chance to win a brand new sewing machine! How do you make your own idea board? Simply pull together a collection of pieces that inspire you and that coordinate in some form or fashion, make a little composition and take a flat photo of it (you can crop it on the computer if you need to – I did!) For instance, in my example above, I knew I wanted to assemble a cozy, fall-themed palette using the skirt pattern and fabric I’d chosen, so I used those as a focal point atop some neutral fabric. Then, I added texture with an old wooden frame and a piece of birch bark from our prop bin to help enhance the autumn feeling. Lastly, I layered up some trim, sewing supplies and a few other bits and bobs that I felt helped capture the feeling of the “simple fall sewing” theme. We’ll be posting more idea board inspiration soon, so stay tuned! 

Shannon Miller is the editor of Stitch Craft Create magazine. Having previously worked as art director for Sew Beautiful magazine and with a love of all things crafty and creative, she feels blessed to work in such an inspiring environment every day. She admits to having a problem with coffee, an exploding stash of fat quarters, a strong dislike for cleaning, an addiction to reading blogs and an overwhelming affection for naps. Shannon lives in Huntsville, Alabama with her husband Nathan and their one-year-old daughter Georgia Mae and newborn son Ryland.

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