Spool Needle Book


Spool Needle Book Materials

  • Spool needle book, scissors case and spool templates
  • Felted wool rectangle for needle book, 10-1/2 x 4 inches
  • Scrap of felted wool for scissors case
  • 1/2 yard of turquoise 4mm silk ribbon
  • Seed beads
  • Turquoise nugget beads
  • DMC Six Strand Embroidery Floss in turquoise, green and gray
  • Coordinating thread
  • Two 3/8-inch mother-of-pearl flower buttons
  • Fabric glue
  • Tapestry needle
  • Tiger Tape (optional)
  • Piece of wood, hammer and nail
  • NOTE: This needle book holds scissors that are 2 to 2-1/2 inches long. Several supplies such as silk ribbon and Tiger Tape can be found at store.marthapullen.com. Tiny scissors were purchased from www.stitchingbitsandbobs.com.

Spool Needle Book Instructions

  1. Use provided template to cut out scissors case from scrap of felted wool. Stitch a flower button onto center front of scissors case with a seed bead. Embellish with three lazy daisy leaves in green embroidery floss.
  2. Use turquoise floss to blanket stitch across top edge of scissors case with embroidery floss. TIP: When blanket stitching, cut six times as much thread as length to be stitched. Placing a piece of Tiger Tape along the edges will help keep your stitches even (photo 1).
  3. Place scissors case onto needle book as shown on template; use turquoise floss to blanket stitch scissors case to needle book around entire bottom edge, creating a pocket.
  4. Use a tapestry needle to whipstitch a contrast-colored floss into edge of blanket stitch (sample shown uses green). NOTE: Do not pull this thread too tightly – just let it “float along.”
  5. Place 2-inch scissors into scissors-case pocket and mark center of each handle. Remove scissors.
  6. Beginning at left marked point, stitch four loops of gray floss with a length that meets right marked point (photo 2). Blanket stitch all four loops together until you reach halfway point (photo 3). Divide loops by two and continue blanket stitching around to form a loop. When you return to halfway split point, blanket stitch opposite side of loop stem back to starting point. Tie off on wrong side of needle book. At right marked point, stitch one turquoise bead in place with a seed bead on top (this is where loop of scissors fastener can be attached).

  1. Lay needle book right side down; fold over right side of needle book 2-1/2 inches, revealing panel with scissors case, and lightly press fold. Stitch a flower button in place with a seed bead on top at center of folded edge.
  2. Use template to cut out spool shape from suede leather. NOTE: Opposite sides of suede will likely be darker or lighter; choose which one you prefer to be right side. Mark holes at center top and bottom as shown on template. Place spool on a piece of wood and hammer a nail through suede at marked points.
  3. Wrap silk ribbon around leather spool as desired and glue ribbon in place on back of spool only.
  4. Lightly glue spool to needle book according to placement shown on template. To further secure, stitch spool to needle book through punched holes at top and bottom. Arrange tail of silk ribbon as desired and stitch in place with French knots.
  5. Stitch turquoise beads and seed beads to inside of needle book as designated on template. Lay needle book right side down and fold over left side of needle book 2-1/2 inches, revealing panel with turquoise beads; lightly press fold. At center edge of this fold, stitch a loop with four strands of gray floss; loop should be large enough to fit around flower button on opposite folded edge. Blanket stitch around floss loops and tie off on wrong side of felted wool.
  6. Use turquoise floss to blanket stitch each left and right short edge of needle book; whipstitch contrasting green floss into edge of blanket stitch as done in step 4.
  7. With both sides of needle book folded over to create pockets, use turquoise floss to blanket stitch top and bottom edges of needle book through all layers. Whipstitch contrasting green floss into edge of blanket stitch.
  8. Secure 2-inch scissors into scissors case. Fill book with pins, needles and other notions, and then fold in half and secure with floss loop around flower bead.

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