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Sewing Machine Thread Art

Have you ever looked closely at your feed dogs, the hard-working, toothy-looking part of your sewing machine that feeds the fabric through so you that you don’t have to? Why not give your feed dogs a break with this project. Simply drop the feed dogs down (if you’re able), and let your sewing machine do the work as you stitch your thread art.

machine stitched thread artWhat You Need

  • Basic sewing tools
  • Piece of solid quilt-weight cotton
  • Marking chalk
  • Contrasting thread (in multiple colors)


1. Start by drawing a simple picture with the marking chalk. You can do something really simple, like a cloud, or more involved. I drew several flowers with different petals and leaves.

Drawing on Fabric

Draw your design on the fabric.

2. Lower the feed dogs on your machine (if you’re able). Then trace your chalk drawing with machine stitching. Beyond that, there are no rules! You can camp out in one spot and apply a lot of thread there. You can also move very quickly past another and place hardly any thread there. The amount of thread you stitch will create a variety of looks for your design.


Stitch the design on your fabric.

And there you have it! Frame your thread art, turn it into a pillow cover or use it in a quilt.

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