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The Art of Playing with Julie Nutting + An Exciting Giveaway

Julie Nutting, author of Collage Couture, joins us today as a guest blogger. Her book is filled with papercrafting and collaging ideas for creating the prettiest pieces of girly art.

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And without further ado, here’s Julie!


The Art of Playing

Do you remember when there were no computers, video games and–gasp!–no cable TV? We pulled out our dolls, plastic or paper, and played for hours, transforming the living room into a magnificent, make-believe world of being a grown-up. We lost ourselves completely in this world as we lived out our future dreams. Our dolls became wives, mothers, nurses and fashion designers. Whatever these dolls became, I know one thing for sure; mine was well-dressed at whatever she chose to be! I loved the clothes that came with the dolls but what I loved even more was creating my own. My Barbie had the most beautiful dresses made of what would now be vintage hankies and belted with scrap ribbons. I traced my paper doll dresses and colored in my own designs. Little did I know then the impact this time would have on my art as an adult.

Drawing fashion has always been a part of me. From classes in college, to a stint working for a designer, it never left my blood. It was just a few years ago when I decided to combine my love for fashion illustration with my love for collage and beautiful papers. In my forties I was pleasantly surprised to see how I became that little girl again, completely losing myself in my art. I suppose you could say I was still living out my dreams, only in a different way. I didn’t know on that first night of combining my fashions with paper, that it would lead me down this path of publishing, teaching and designing.

I never intended to teach classes. It happened gradually and has become something I look forward to every month. It never ceases to amaze me how women of all different ages can sit down in a classroom together and completely lose themselves in a project. I particularly love the part when they are choosing papers for their dresses. Everyone starts reminiscing about paper dolls and of course we all feel sorry for the younger ones because they never had the pleasure of playing with them. We all become small again and for a couple of hours we head into our make-believe world and start to dream again.

This, friends, is the art of playing, whether it’s making paper dolls, painting abstracts or landscapes, or knitting a scarf. If you can completely lose yourself in your project and forget about your 8-year-old having math problems or the laundry that needs to be done or the car that needs to be fixed, then you have accomplished something big. Every creative soul needs to escape life sometimes and just play. I encourage you to buy the craft book you’ve been wanting, or sign up for that class you’ve wanted to take. Make an art play date with like-minded friends or even just with yourself. Abandon yourself into the art of playing and start to dream again.


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18 thoughts on “The Art of Playing with Julie Nutting + An Exciting Giveaway

  1. I would like to see specialty ruler for quilting — along with patterns or tutorials to show (in great detail – ha ha) how the tool is actually used! I love tools and gadgets 🙂

  2. Hello, I would like to see how-to books that inspire people like me (who lack any creative skills whatsoever) to become creative and actually dream up and make pretty things.

  3. Hi – I took a good long look through the Martha Pullen store, ummmmm I can’t really see anything that is missing! That is a crazy huge collection of notions and crafting supplies that they have available!

  4. I like unique embellishments that can go anywhere from page to mini to mixed media. trims, metal trinkets, etc.

    also as a knitter i’m always looking for new places to buy alpaca yarn

  5. I would love to see yarn in Martha store.

    I love that there are so many coordinating fabrics in the store now. I’d love to see them available as pre-cuts for quilts and as Fat Quarters for mixing for apparel.

    I also love kits for large and small things. For example I bought a book for beginning hand and machine sewers with my granddaughter in mind. I bought one for me too. Now I am gathering fabrics, trims, notions into a kit to go with the projects in the book. Because I have a large stash I can do this, but how much easier it would be if a kit were available that goes with the book. One book I’d like to see here and a kit, using the collections already available here is “French Country.” If it is already available, I apologize for overlooking it.

    This contest for the cutter is exciting. There is so much we can do with paper. Even the cutter is cute.

    TO SUZ: There are several sources for Alpaca in WA State. There is a fiber tour of different farms each year.

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