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The Right Color

Hey crafters, decorators, and lovers of all things pretty. Have you ever wondered how to keep a consistent color scheme going for your home or a project you’re working on? Maybe you’ve gone out and bought something for your house only to get home and realize it’s not quite the right color. Well, I have a solution for that! It’s a color card that can go with you whenever you’re out shopping for a new rug or gathering supplies for your next big craft project!

Make this card by cutting a piece of white card stock the height and twice the width of a credit card. Then gather your colors: I used leftover paint chips, paint, a swatch of fabric, and some pink washi tape to represent the colors in my home. 

When the card is folded in half, it fits perfectly into your wallet so it can be with you at all times!

This is perfect for coordinating colors for any project: it saves you from having to carry around various paint chips or fabric swatches in your purse, and it can help you make a decision when purchasing something that needs to be just the right color!
For color inspiration be sure to check out Colour Lovers, with over a million color palettes to browse through and an inspirational blog–you’ll surely find something that can help you color coordinate your next big project!
Courtney Kyle is the art director of Stitch Craft Create as well as Sew Beautiful magazine. She lives in Alabama with her husband, Jackie, two dogs, and two cats. When Courtney is not working she’s at home stitching, painting, gardening or diving into some other variation of DIY goodness.

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