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Tuesday Show & Tell

Let’s take a look at what fun projects and hobbies have been keeping the craft team busy this week:

From Stacie:
I gave this wooden chest built by my grandpa about 10 years ago a new look to match my new picture above it. I used a coat of crackle glaze from Lowe’s over the existing black paint, followed it with a coat of matte interior paint, then let the crackle medium do its job. The cat is not part of the project — she just likes jumping into all of my pictures!

From Lauren: 
Here’s a project I gave as a gift to my brother, who will be attending his first year at college this fall. I love cross stitching because it’s easy to create your own patterns — you can piece a few elements together from pre-existing projects or whip up your own custom alphabet, border and picture designs. I’d suggest photographing your work before you frame it though, otherwise you’ll end up with a photo like this!

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