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Tweet Meet Recap

Thanks so much to all who joined us for our inaugural “SCC Tweet Meet” Twitter chat last night! It was great fun, and we are already looking forward to our next chat on September 26. If you missed our on last night’s talk, we gabbed about all things sewing to kick of National Sewing Month, which starts September 1. Special guests Thomas Knauer (@waycoolkid), Jenny Osborn (@themessynest) and Deborah Moebes (@whipstitch) joined us, and as each comes from different areas of expertise and experiences, their input was invaluable to keeping the conversation and tips up.

Our first talk was all about “Experimenting with Sewing” – trying something new and different, getting over sewing fears and sharing tried and true tips. Some of the highlights:

@whipstitch: I think “sewing” makes me feel the same way the library always does: so much to learn, so little time! 🙂

@Sharon_Sews: Sometimes I think folks are too hard on themselves. It doesn’t have to be perfect to be treasured.

@waycoolkid: I think the sewist’s most important tool is not the seam ripper, but the willingness to use it…Not because everything has to be perfect, but because it offers a chance to try it again until it feels right

@themessynest: I’m pretty sure I’ve perfected the art of messy sewing – I let go of needing to have a factory made look & learned to love HANDMADE

@waycoolkid: I am most afraid of sewing stuff that has to fit boobs. I ought to just do it, but I just tell myself I’m too busy…

@whipstitch: Be fearless. Use the best tools and fabric you can afford. It should always be enjoyable, even if it isn’t always “fun.”

@quiltjane: Make a quilt when you are relaxed and happy. Make it for someone you love.

@whipstitch: Once heard someone say, “Make a dress w cheap fabric & at the end all you have is a cheap dress.” Changed how I buy fabric

@Sharon_Sews: Agree with @themessynest. You don’t HAVE to finish something. If you’re not enjoying the experience move on to something else.

@themessynest: You can achieve amazing things w/ something as simple as variegated thread. When added to patchwork quilting amazing things happen

@savinggrc: Precision schmision. Are u kidding? I cannot cut straight, yet have some gorgeous quilts. 

@oliveandollie: I think that is one of the beautiful things about modern quilting. It doesn’t have to be precise to be beautiful.

@waycoolkid: Complicated does not equal good. And simple is not the same as simplistic…


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